February 29 2012. Back in Saigon

We're back in Saigon.After a little less than one year we're back where we ended our last ride:the one in wich we rode through Vietnam from North to South starting from the capital Hanoi (www.goodbikingvietnam.com).
Being back in Saigon feels like we never really left.

We leave the airport and we are back in a bubble of steamy hot air.We get on the taxi and  we get our memories refreshed on the way traffic rules get fancifully interpreted.There's still that frantic repetitive rythm caused by car and motorcycles horns.In the Hotel we find the same smiles.They remember us.We're here and it feels like the entire last year just vanished.We get the feeling we just got here yesterday on our bikes.
We're going to rest tomorrow and then the ride goes on:we intend to cross Cambodia,Thailand,Malaysia and finally get back home from Singapore.

We're going to eat dinner on the sidewalk and we're going to smell and taste and listen and feel once again the way Vietnam speaks to us

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