March 5 2012. Kampong Thnor - Kampong Kdei (127 of 444 km) - Day 4

Some of our fans on the way to  Kampong Kdei.

Our super-nice waitress for today breakfast:rice with meat and "cafè kamal"(pronounced more or less the way I wrote it,it always gets us what we're looking for: a nice hot cup of vietnamese/cambodian coffee).

We always try to be helpful.

And we always get rewarded for it.

During today's break we took the best shower ever with chilly water that
was pumped out of the blue pipe.

Some fruit...

And a very nice surprise:we meet Julian and Ellie,a very nice couple who have been traveling around the World by bicycle for the last 3 years.They met by chance in Colombia and have been together ever since.We talked under a tree's shadow and exchanged our stories and experiences about life on two wheels.It's been nice to meet you Julian and Ellie.Have a safe Slow Way Home.


Another surprise in Kampong Kdei:The only guest house is fully booked.Luckily we find a place to sleep here:

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