March 25 2012. Pantai Sepat - Kuala Rompin (123 of 2870km) Day 24

Brekafast with a view of the ocean.

While riding through Malaysia we notice there's more enviromental consciousness here than in Thailand,Cambodia and Vietnam combined.We see less waste on the ground and on the street side.There are lots of anti-littering signs.There are many street sweepers with their trash bags and their mopeds.Huge signs put side by side two pictures:one of a clean beach and one littered with waste.


A little shadow.A long awaited Oasis.

When we ride we constantly hear a sountrack made by the singing of numerous bird species that live in the lush vegetation we pass through.And we hear the same concert when we wake up every morning.These new sounds,together with various reptiles remains on the road surface and the occasional monkey we spot here and there,give a "Jungle" touch to this part of our journey.

And today too,we reach our destination.

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