March 10 2012. Sa Kaew - Hat Chao Samran (0 of 1083 km) - Day 9

While we were eating our first dinner in Thailand we decided to travel directly to the coast.One of the diner's clients happens to be a woman who speaks english and thanks to her help we arrange a ride on some sort of pick-up truck for tomorrow.We give up bangkok's southern outskirts so we can finally go back to the road along the coast.We rack up 350 km in 4 and a half hours by truck.We went through the highways on the outskirts of Bangkok and we came to Hat Chao Samran,a city by the sea.We will resume our ride from here tomorrow.

A dive in the sea and dinner on the shore.We finally get to breathe in the fresh sea breeze.Having the sea neraby makes all the difference.

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  1. Che bello Ale, bello, bello, bello...
    Allora, per il caffè non mi preoccuparei visto le brodaglie che sei abituato a bere mentre per il "fritto misto" locale non è necessario che ti dilunghi in particolari.