March 20 2012. Sai Buri - Kota Bharu (116k of 2319 km) - Day 19

We leave hungry towards Malaysia.We decide to cross the border in Tak Bai.It's said to be less crowded.We have blue rice for breakfast.So good!

Just outside Sai Buri a Police car approaches us,they greet us and ask where we're going.From then on we get escorted by a three car line for 30 Kilometers.They went with us up to the Malaysian border.

Technical break.

Another heartfelt Thank You...

We cross the border by ferry.

We're in Malaysia!Entry visas procedures are really fast.We appreciate Malaysya from the get go.We eat some watermelon and we go back riding our bikes with a relaxed mood towards Kota Bharu.

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