March 4 2012. Kraek – Kampong Thnor (138 of 317km) – Day 3

We leave before sunrise.

Our headlights light up the street like cars do.Our red led taillights can be seen from a distance.Compared to mopeds without lights or pedestrians on the curb we can say we are safe in traffic.Holes on the streets concern us more and having to move from the tarmac to the dirt curb on the side of the road and back is sometimes dangerous.That's because the tarmac is considerably taller than the dirt track on the side.

Before sunrise there's people everywhere anyway.Streetside vendors light up their fires by their mobile shacks.All spots are taken.We can hear religious chants and litanies here and there.It seems like there is no difference between night and day.It seems like we live in a constant present time on which sunsets and sunrises don't have an effect.
Riding with no sun makes all the difference in the world.The temperature is perfect.

Mekong river

Worst time for riding is between 11am and 3pm.During these though hours we find out that we really miss those "supply shacks" we were used to in Vietnam.We make do with a big bamboo table for our well deserved "siesta".We miss coconut though.

Today we got a real taste of cambodian red dust.We have to wear the traditional scarves.

We get to Kampong Thnor by sunset.

P.S.: I have a new sunburn on my forehead shaped like the front vent hole of my helmet.


  1. La crema Ale, la crema...

  2. Ciao, finalmente vi abbiamo trovati: quanto sono imbranto col computer sono tre ore che traffico per capire come scrivervi, dannati neuroni fusi. vi vedo bene, è vero sembra che il viaggio sia la continuaizone di quello precedente. sorprende questo English, siamo già international. Già bellissime foto, impressionati quelle vacche magre. buona biciclettata. giorgio

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